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Episode 22:

Erin shares some interesting new research on Schizophrenia. Other topics included OCD, Hoarding and Internal Family Systems therapy work. Also, info on this winter's retreat In January 2020!

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Episode 21:

This week, Erin and Tallie discuss the cultivation of autonomy in children, quitting the bad habit of complaining, and CBD oil as a possible treatment for anxiety.

Episode 20:

This week, topics include why we shouldn't shame kids, gratitude practices that lead to greater happiness, and how changing your sleep patterns can make you less depressed!

Episode 19:

Tallie and Erin discuss change & how to manage it more gracefully, the physical cost of too much electronics usage, and the broken state of America's mental health system. 

Episode 18:

Erin & Mike tell all about how the avoider/pursuer roles they've played over the years have impacted their marriage.

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