Don’t Ignore the Need for Self-Care

Erin WileyArticles, author

Stay at the top of your game by rejuvenating mind, body and soul.

As published in Sylvania Life, June 2013
by Erin Wiley, Community Contributor

Back when I was studying mental health counseling, I remember a college professor advising my class to come up with a plan for how we would replenish our depleted energy working in this field. She suggested that, because we would be giving so much of ourselves, we would quickly “burn out” if we didn’t make self-care a priority. I remember thinking that I was above the need for that kind of rejuvenation. That she was speaking to my peers… and that her suggestion was not for me.

I used to think self-care was for the people who needed it. You know, the people who didn’t have the energy, will or drive to really push through and make their goals a reality – people who weren’t inherently strong enough to get back up when life dealt them a blow, whose who shied away from the big challenges of life.

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