Overcoming Procrastication (and Perfectionism)

Erin WileyArticles, author

Sometimes good enough really is better than perfect.

As published in Sylvania Life, July 2013
by Erin Wiley, Community Contributor

“I’ll just check Facebook one last time… then grab a snack… and maybe call Mom really quick about next week’s plans… I’ll throw a load of laundry in the washer… send that one email I’ve been meaning to write… I should really probably just quit and start tomorrow, my brain is so fried…”

These are the thoughts that derail me from nearly every project I have that needs to get done, but that I don’t necessarily want to do. What is it with us procrastinators? Do we truthfully work better under pressure? Are we just lazy avoiders of work? Do we all have ADD? Many theories abound as to why people put things off. But there is one main symtpom that seems to be at the heart of every tried and true procrastinator. Perfectionism.

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