Practice Mindful Eating

Erin WileyArticles, author

Instead of snacking to cure boredom, treat stress or stay awake, try chewing food slowly and savoring the flavor to help achieve ideal weight.

As published in Sylvania Life, November 2013
by Erin Wiley, Community Contributor

Have you ever eaten to console yourself after a dissapointing event? Ever find yourself at the bottom of a bag of chips, or carton of ice cream wondering, “How did that happen?”

Whether you are overweight or at your ideal weight, chances are you’ve eaten at a time you weren’t even hungry. How does one combat mindless eating? With a therapeutic technique called “mindful eating.”

Being aware of what we eat, how much we eat, why we eat, and when we are eating can be the key to achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. People eat for many reasons beside actual hunger. Being angry, frustrated or stressed, feeling lonely, anxious, bored or tired are triggers that send people to the fridge looking for something to soothe them.

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