Dealing with fear after active shooter violence

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By Amy Montgomery |

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) – From campus shootings to terrorist attacks across the world; violence seems to be more prevalent than ever. The question of whether it will happen here is always in the back of people’s minds, but most say they don’t let it interfere with their everyday lives.

“Am I concerned something could happen, possibly, but is there anything I can do to stop it, no,” Thomas Moore, a local nurse said.

But images from Wednesday afternoon in San Bernardino County can leave a lasting impression.

Clinical counselor Erin Wiley says that’s normal. But she stresses the importance of consciously limiting your exposure.

“I think sometimes you have to give yourself permission to worry, but set a timer,” says Wiley. “If you want to, cry it out, talk to a friend, obsess about it briefly then make the decision that you won’t be thinking about it all day.”

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