Sexplain It: My Girlfriend Was Great in Quarantine. With Lockdown Ending, I’m Ready to Dump Her.

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Dear Sexplain It,

I had been very casually seeing this woman for about a month before the pandemic (I think there were four dates, and we started having sex on the second). When everything shut down due to COVID-19, she asked me to be exclusive. Even though I didn’t really see us going anywhere long-term, I agreed, because I figured I wouldn’t be able to date or see anyone else during this time. So, might as well, ya know? It would be nice to have someone around while the world goes to shit.

She ended up spending a lot of time at my place. We supported each other when things got tough, we had a lot of solid sex, but the whole time she thought we were building our relationship, I was getting more and more guilty about using her. Now she really likes me and is excited about finally introducing me to her friends IRL. Meanwhile, now that things are opening up again, I just want to be done with her.

I feel bad for using her to help get me through this tough time and then suddenly disposing of her. Am I an asshole for breaking up with her now that the world is opening up?

— COVID Cuffing

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